So You Want To Be a Submitter: Java Clients

One way to connect to the WIJIS Gateway's web services is through using the Java programming framework. This guide will step you through how to invoke WIJIS pointer web services using example Java clients. To successfully use these sample clients, you will need to have a keystore file and an x509 signed certificate

What's An X.509 Certificate?

X.509 is a well-established standard for Public Key Infrastructure. WIJIS uses public key certificates that conform to the X.509 specification.

The certificate is a small file that is placed on the machine that is communicating with a server. Traffic will not be accepted by that server without the additional signature-like artifacts, generated based on the file's content, that are added to each and every message. This provides additional account security and (perhaps more importantly) prevents IP spoofing of traffic from an established session.

Invoking WIJIS Pointer Web Services