The Gateway is a simple aggregate search utility that allows authorized Justice Community users to simultaneously search all participating back-end information storage systems for information of particular interest. Once located, the details of that information may be requested from the back-end system's operating authority, or (in many cases) directly retrieved for immediate inspection.

The Gateway is accessed via an ordinary Web browser, but is secured against unauthorized access by a robust security system. The ability of authorized users to access the information is governed first by policies set by the back-end data owners themselves; and further constrained by WIJIS operational policies.

Gateway Services

The Gateway is defined and built as a collection of WIJIS Services. The Services expose specific pieces of functionality that support, or implement, some defined Gateway behavior. External entities that interact with the Gateway do so exclusively via the Services. (The Gateway Website is really only a user-friendly face that lets people invoke certain user-facing services from within a Web application.)

In general, a Service is defined as an information operation (message-based or transactional) between two specific parties. These parties are known as the Provider and the Consumer; the Provider offers the service, and the Consumer invokes it. The Consumer is the party that initiates the operation of the Service.

The Services can support either Gateway business processes (such as actual record transmissions), or "maintenance" activities that are not specific to any particular business process.

A WIJIS Service is specified by the following characteristics:

Gateway Search Profiles

The Gateway doesn't search for textual content (the way Internet search engines such as Yahoo or Google do.) Instead, the Gateway allows users to locate records in predefined categories, searching by predefined, category-specific criteria. These categories are called "Search Profiles", and each represents a primary emphasis in the search (such as "person", "vehicle", "organization" etc.)

A Search Profile consists of the following defining information:

Gateway Testing

Please start with the Testing Approach
After reading the testing approach and reading about unstructured testing, you may download the Unstructured Test Form
You should also become familiar with the Data Certification Guidelines and download its Summary Form
A guidelines document is available to assist testers in filing bug reports. Please use the Bug Entry Form

WIJIS Gateway Remote Search Prototype


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