In the interest of promoting data interchange among Justice Community users, WIJIS has defined a specification for a common Record Space. The Record Space provides shared standards for representing and locating data, and specifies the responsibilities of parties in an information sharing activity.

Executive Summary: WIJIS Record Space

what it is

WIJIS Record Space is the set of all data representations or operations that comply with the WIJIS Record Space definitions. The fundamental addressing scheme for information in this space is the WIJIS Record URI; the fundamental information structure in this Space is the WIJIS Record.

what it's for

Within the Record Space, information can be reliably and efficiently shared between a very large number of Justice Community participants. The cost of implementing a WIJIS Record Space representation or observation capability is incurred only once, and thereafter supports an arbitrarily large number of additional information interchange partners without additional overhead.

WIJIS Record Space is thus a low-cost, scalable framework for information sharing and exchange.

representing records with IEPs

A WIJIS Record is defined as an information structure that conforms to one of a specific set of record formats. These record formats are IEPs as defined in the GJXDM and/or NIEM datamodels supported by the US Department of Justice. The IEPs used will be drawn from the most authoritative sources available, such as the "Reference GJXDM Information Exchange Packages for Law Enforcement" published by SEARCH, The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics.

When predefined and authoritative IEPs are not available, WIJIS will define IEPs as necessary in order to provide sufficient standardized record types for WIJIS Records.

addressing records with Record URIs

Each Record belongs to a Submitter. Submitters do two things: they make Records available to WIJIS space, and they guarantee the uniqueness, for the records they provide, of the Key Data that they use to identify the records.

Every Record in the WIJIS record Space is uniquely identified by a Record URI. This URI is created by appending the Record's Key Data to the Submitter's WIJIS Operator URI.

The Basic Topology of WIJIS Record Space

A record is created or retrieved from some form of storage system, and made available at the boundary of WIJIS Record Space, as shown in the diagram:

Within WIJIS record space, Records may be viewed or exchanged. Services, whose content is expressed according to WIJIS Record Space definitions, may be provided and consumed.

Fundamental Specification Components

The specification relies on some fundamental definitions: