These GJXDM-compliant message specifications were created for a specific interchange program, sending Protection Order Issuance, Protection Order Response, and Protection Order Service information between Wisconsin's Consolidated Court Automation Program (CCAP), local Law Enforcement jurisdictions, and the Wisconsin Department Of Justice (DOJ).

The limited scope of the project leads to considerable Wisconsin-specific content in the analysis, and in the schemas themselves. hopes to publish generalizations of these in NIEM Harmony, if resources for the rewrite become available.

This specification is published according to the accepted practice for IEPDs. Due to the large size and complex subfolder structure, we present this set of schemas, and supporting documentation, as a zipfile for download.

The current version of the specification is 1.1. The previous release, version 1.0, is available for reference purposes here.

Version 1.2 of the protection order specification has been written and is available here.